"I enjoyed Molly's yoga class immensely. After a long stressful day in the office, I found her class both calming and energizing."

    -Diane, student

"After a long and stressful day at work, Molly's calm and professional demeanor was exactly what I needed! I was so impressed that she was able to take me to a place where I could zone out and really focus on myself." 

  -Jeremy, student

"I recently took a Friday evening class with Molly. It was just what I needed after a long week. 
We had a little bit of time to chat before class and Molly was warm and welcoming to each of us as we were setting up. The flow class was a nice mix of challenge and relaxing. Her guidance through each pose was thorough, modeling a few times when necessary. I definitely left feeling better than when I came in." 


"LOVE the setting of the yoga class. The location, serene music, and zen like dojo was perfect. Molly is really a welcoming person and made it easy for me to feel comfortable. It was my first live yoga class so I didn't know what to expect but she made it feel like I had been there before. The instruction was very easy and definitely suitable for all levels."


"I've never taken a yoga class before, and was nervous for my first time. I've done videos on my own before, but I've never been sure if I'm actually doing the poses the correct way. I voiced these concerns to Molly while I was filling out paperwork, and she assured me that she would help me along the way, and that I would be happy I came to a class. I can honestly say that she was right.
Molly's class was easy for me to follow. Along with calling the poses by their actual names, she would describe exactly how to do them during the flow, which was nice because I didn't feel like I had to look up every second to figure what I was supposed to be doing. Molly also showed the class variations that we could do, depending on what our skill level was. The atmosphere was very relaxing and friendly, the studio was clean and comfortable. Molly took the time to chat with everyone before and after class.
My yoga confidence has definitely been boosted! I felt very comfortable in the class, which I think is especially important for a newbie. It's easy to get intimidated by names of poses you don't know and feeling like you're falling behind everyone else. Molly made it so easy to follow along and she made it a friendly, safe space.
I can't wait to go back for my next class and continue my yoga journey."